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What's Happening at Noah Webster?

Open Campus Night For Prospective Families

Are you or someone you know looking for a great school? Spread the word that Noah Webster Schools is having an Open Campus Night for prospective students and families. We invite families who are interested in enrolling at Noah Webster to come tour the campus, talk with a teacher and…

Great News: Early Kindergarten Testing

ATTENTION PARENTS! GREAT NEWS! EARLY KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM STARTING THIS SCHOOL YEAR! Children turning 5 years old from September 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 will be accepted based on the results of an early placement test. This is a first come, first serve so call today to reserve your spot.…

Noah Webster Schools Board Meetings

Noah Webster Schools-Mesa Board Meeting Notification and Proposed 2016 Budget Please Click HERE. Noah Webster Schools-Pima Board Meeting Notification and Proposed 2016 Budget Please Click HERE.


I've made so many memories this year and I will always remember them. The best memory I have is just coming to Noah Webster Schools; knowing that I really enjoy going to school and not complaining about it in the morning. We had a lot of field trips and they were all amazing! This is the best school I’ve ever been too! I've learned so much more than at any other school. The students here are all friends; there isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel welcomed. Everyone is nice to each other and treats each other the same. No one is different. The teachers are amazing and I just have to say “Thank You” to my teacher as she’s helped me out a lot and I know she will keep doing so. This year was amazing and I will never forget it!

–Chloe J.

On the first day of school, while I was walking down the hall, I was kind of nervous because it was a new school. But when I walked in the classroom, I recognized some people I already knew, and that made me feel a bit better. I have learned so many things this year, such as integers, Ancient Greece, and oxymorons. I have also learned things that will help me be a better person. I learned that respect is one of the most important qualities to have in life. My teacher is wonderful. She has empathy (most of the time) for us. She knows what it’s like to be in different kinds of situations, she knows how to cheer someone up, or make them feel regretful (when we misbehave). She understands our problems and gives us advice on how to solve them, whether it’s from personal problems to math or reading problems. We went on a lot of field trips this year. My favorite one was the Water Day field trip at the Mesa Campus! We got to go on different water slides. I had so much fun sliding down the 40 foot tall Rhino slide and high-fiving everyone when I reached the bottom! Everyday has been a different day, which I enjoy. I will always remember my experience in 6th grade here at Noah Webster Schools.

–Annika T.