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What's Happening at Noah Webster?

December Noah Webster Webcast: Bully Prevention Program

Attention Parents: Did you hear that Noah Webster Schools is implementing a new Bully Prevention Program? Check out our December webcast to learn more! If you are new or weren't able to make it to the Parent Nights, take a minute to watch and share our webcast. Don't forget to…

New! Noah Webster Webcasts

Noah Webster Schools will be producing monthly Wildcat Webcasts to enlighten current Noah Webster families as well as prospective families about different features of our school. You can view them here are on the website or on our Noah Webster Facebook page. To view November's  Webcast please click HERE or…

Going Green!

Noah Webster Schools is excited to be “Going Green”, using paperless communication when possible.  Starting this year, most of our school’s notices will be sent home via an email notification instead of being printed out and copied. Our school will be using email to disseminate information to parents, including upcoming…

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Our son was in Kindergarten this year and he loved it and loved the teacher & assistant teacher. He learned so much through the school year. I am very pleased to have started him at this school. To end this great school year with such a fun water day he so much enjoyed and talked about the whole day.

–Catherine N.

Thank you to the staff at Noah Webster for making my child feel so comfortable. Starting school mid-year is never easy but he has really come out of his shell this year.

–Brandon C.