At Noah Webster Schools, we are happy to offer bus transportation to students who live farther than one mile away from campus, providing parents and students with added convenience and ease each morning and after school.

Bus service at Noah Webster Schools is very limited with bus routes set up within limitations imposed by time and route distance.  Our Transportation Director creates bus routes that attempt to serve as many students as possible.  While we try our best to accommodate all of our students, bus routes are not guaranteed until approved by the transportation director.

Mesa Campus

Call 480-986-2335 ext. 2610 for more information about routes and availability.

Pima Campus

Call 480-291-6900 ext. 3169 for more information about routes and availability.

Bus Rules & Policies

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Students have the privilege of riding Noah Webster buses—it is not a right. Inappropriate conduct at bus stops, on the bus, or while boarding and exiting from a bus may result in student disciplinary action or suspension of bus riding privileges.

Students who are transported on buses or other vehicles provided by Noah Webster are required by law to obey the driver who is operating the vehicle. Students are required to follow policies, regulations, and rules while being transported. Parents are requested to review these transportation rules and policies with students to encourage safe and appropriate behavior.


  1. Students are expected to follow all bus rules and policies shown here and in the Noah Webster Schools parent handbook. Disobeying the driver or other violations will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Although any misconduct merits attention and action, the following misconduct will not be tolerated:
    1. Continued open defiance of authority, habitual profanity, or vulgarity.
    2. Conduct involving weapons (including but not limited to: firearms, slingshots, knives, and explosive devices).
    3. Conduct involving illegal and/or prohibited substances (including but not limited to: possession, use or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs).
  3. The bus rules and conduct that are prohibited are guidelines only, and are not intended to limit the school’s ability to discipline students.
  4. Students may be subject to discipline for engaging in prohibited conduct or disobeying bus rules while:
    1. The student is going to and from school (including conduct at or near school bus stops and on the bus).
    2. The student is at a school event (on or off campus, during or after the normal school day).
    3. In any other context in which Noah Webster Schools may lawfully discipline the student.
  5. Prohibited conduct that is attempted, but not completed, may subject the student to the same discipline as if the act was completed.


Disciplinary actions will be taken with each infraction. (A total suspension of bus riding privileges may occur even on the first infraction at the discretion of the school principal.)

  1. A student may be denied transportation privileges for violating transportation rules. When school bus rules are violated and/or cause danger to students, drivers, or others, the following action will be taken:
    1. The parent(s) will be notified of the student’s misconduct and notice that transportation privileges will be withdrawn if the student’s conduct does not improve.
    2. In emergency situations or for extremely serious misconduct, transportation privileges may be revoked without prior notice.
    3. Suspension of bus privileges for up to one school year may be imposed at the principal’s discretion.
  2. A student may be suspended or expelled from school for violating transportation rules.


First, a note about bus safety.

Below are the bus procedures your child must follow to ensure that they are a safe bus rider. These procedures outline how to safely wait for, load, ride, and unload from a bus. Our primary concern is the physical safety of your child, so it is extremely important that your child understand and follow these procedures.

School buses have proven to be the safest form of transportation in the world. But while the ride is very safe, there is one area of school bus transportation that can be dangerous; loading and unloading. Every year, there are children that are killed or injured while they are outside the bus during loading and unloading. This results from a combination of large vehicle size, limited driver visibility, and children getting too close to or even going under the bus. So teach your child about the school bus DANGER ZONE. Always stay at least 10 feet away from the sides, front and back of a school bus. Only approach close to a bus in the entry door area. And NEVER go under a bus for any reason.

  1. Waiting for the Bus
  2. Be at your stop approximately 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  3. By State law, children waiting at a bus stop must be at least 50 feet away from any intersection or corner.
  4. Stay a safe distance from the curb, while waiting on the sidewalk area. Do not play games in the street.
  5. Respect private property. Do not wander into carports or onto lawns. Do not sit on fences. Do not throw rocks. Do not vandalize property.
  6. When you see the bus approaching, get in line immediately. Line up parallel to the street, away from the curb, facing the approaching bus.
  7. Stand clear of the bus until it has come to a complete stop. Do not push or shove while waiting. Let smaller children board first.
  8. The bus will come to a stop approximately 10 feet from the first student. Stand still until the bus stops completely and the door has opened. Do not move toward the bus until it has stopped.
  9. If you miss the bus, go straight home. Remember, your bus driver has a schedule to keep, and if you are not at the bus stop he/she cannot wait for you.
    1. Parents should instruct their children on what to do if the bus is unable to pick them up, i.e., where to go and wait (back home or a friend’s house) and whom to telephone (parents, school, or a friend).
    2. If we have a bus breakdown, another bus will complete the entire route. The replacement bus will run very late, but will service every stop.
  10. Boarding the Bus
  11. Always use the handrail.
  12. Go up the steps one at a time. Avoid pushing and shoving.
  13. Go directly to your seat. The bus will not move until all passengers are seated.
  14. State law does not permit passengers to stand in a moving bus.
  15. Specific Bus Rules

The following specific rules must be followed on all Noah Webster Schools vehicles:

  1. Obey the driver at all times.
  2. Do not distract the driver. If the driver is paying attention to you, they are not paying attention to the road. That is very dangerous.
  3. Remain properly seated and face forward, until the bus or vehicle has completely stopped.
  4. Keep the center aisle clear.
  5. Keep hands, arms, feet, legs, and head inside the vehicle. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  6. Talk quietly and use good language at all times.
  7. Do not throw anything inside the vehicle or from the vehicle. Spitting will not be tolerated.
  8. Do not eat or drink while on the bus. (Water bottles are allowed—but only with plain water. No juices or flavored water)
  9. Keep our buses clean. Do not leave litter on the bus.
  10. Maintain orderly conduct at bus stops or other designated loading/unloading spots.
  11. By State law, glass items (other than prescription eyewear) or animals (except for a legal service animal) of any kind are prohibited.
  12. Weapons, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited.
  13. Getting off the Bus
  14. Stay seated until the bus has completely stopped. Listen for the loud sound of the air brake being applied that will tell you when it is safe to stand up.
  15. Use the handrail and take one step at a time when leaving the bus.
  16. Pushing or crowding shows poor manners and could cause an accident.
  17. Move immediately away from the side of the bus (at least 10 feet). Go directly home, or to class.
  18. To get off at a bus stop other than your regular stop, a parent or guardian must arrange the change in advance with the school office. Place your child on the Call List at 480-986-2335 ext. 101 at least one hour before the end of the school day.
  19. If a dropped item falls near or under the bus, do not crawl or reach under the bus. Go to the door of the bus and tell the driver. She/he will help you to retrieve the item. Or wait for the bus to leave, check traffic, and then proceed to retrieve the item.
  20. Do not chase or hang onto the bus as it is moving.
  21. Crossing the Road
  22. If you must cross the road, walk about 10 feet in front of the bus (staying on the side of the road). Remember, you should be far enough away from the bus so the driver is able to see your feet as you cross the road.
  23. Then watch the driver and wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross. The signal to wait is an open palm facing you. The signal to cross is a sweeping motion of a closed hand with the thumb pointing out.
  24. Look continuously to the left and right as you cross the road. (Walk directly across the road. Do not run.)
  25. Never cross the road behind the bus.
  26. Caution! Be alert for vehicles that do not stop when the bus is loading or unloading passengers.
  27. Know the danger signal. If the driver honks the horn, that means DANGER and you should look for the danger immediately.

When crossing at an intersection, check traffic in all directions. Be sure to obey traffic signals and signs. Stay in the designated crosswalk and cross the street only when it is safe to do so.


Destiny Quest

Upcoming Events

PIMA 3rd-6th Gr. Pep Assembly

April 19 @ 8:30 am - 9:00 am

MESA KG Field Trip

April 19 @ 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

The Phoenix Zoo

PIMA KG Field Trip

April 23 @ 8:45 am - 1:00 pm

McCormick Railroad Park


An excerpt from a 6th grade alumni to his 6th grade teacher:

“I just wanted to thank you for pushing me and my classmates as hard as you did. I recently took a math test to determine whether or not I should be placed in an advanced seventh grade class. Just yesterday, the results were received, my work was dubbed exceptional and they wish to place me in a freshman algebra class in high school! Of course I wasn’t the only one to do so, but one of the few. Thank you so much for everything, you will never be forgotten.”

Brady W.

On the first day of school, while I was walking down the hall, I was kind of nervous because it was a new school. But when I walked in the classroom, I recognized some people I already knew, and that made me feel a bit better.

I have learned so many things this year, such as integers, Ancient Greece, and oxymorons. I have also learned things that will help me be a better person. I learned that respect is one of the most important qualities to have in life. My teacher is wonderful. She has empathy (most of the time) for us. She knows what it’s like to be in different kinds of situations, she knows how to cheer someone up, or make them feel regretful (when we misbehave). She understands our problems and gives us advice on how to solve them, whether it’s from personal problems to math or reading problems.

We went on a lot of field trips this year. My favorite one was the Water Day field trip at the Mesa Campus! We got to go on different water slides. I had so much fun sliding down the 40 foot tall Rhino slide and high-fiving everyone when I reached the bottom!

Everyday has been a different day, which I enjoy. I will always remember my experience in 6th grade here at Noah Webster Schools.

Annika T.

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much we appreciate Noah Webster School. Our daughter is in Miss Tice’s Kindergarten class and talk about one amazing teacher! I never could have expected to have such a warm, energetic and compassionate teacher for our daughter. She puts so much energy and time into each day of learning, and my daughter literally cries if she is sick and cannot go to school. We look forward to our school adventure with Noah Webster. You all are a blessing to our family.

Rebecca E.

I am very impressed with my daughter’s improvement with all her academics and challenges of different schoolwork. I’ve seen an enormous difference in her and it has inspired her to love school. Thank you!

Grace M.

I’ve made so many memories this year and I will always remember them. The best memory I have is just coming to Noah Webster Schools; knowing that I really enjoy going to school and not complaining about it in the morning. We had a lot of field trips and they were all amazing! This is the best school I’ve ever been too! I’ve learned so much more than at any other school.

The students here are all friends; there isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel welcomed. Everyone is nice to each other and treats each other the same. No one is different. The teachers are amazing and I just have to say “Thank You” to my teacher as she’s helped me out a lot and I know she will keep doing so.

This year was amazing and I will never forget it!

Chloe J.

Our son was in Kindergarten this year and he loved it and loved the teacher & assistant teacher. He learned so much through the school year. I am very pleased to have started him at this school. To end this great school year with such a fun water day he so much enjoyed and talked about the whole day.

Catherine N.

Thank you to the staff at Noah Webster for making my child feel so comfortable. Starting school mid-year is never easy but he has really come out of his shell this year.

Brandon C.

My son attends Noah Webster and loves school. He’s always so excited when he gets home and ready to share what he’s learned each day.

Sara M.

Our daughter absolutely loves that she gets to use a laptop in class. We’re amazed at how quickly she is learning.

Shelly C.