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Studies have shown that children who are given a digital advantage—such as in a laptop or tablet enabled classroom—reach junior high school and high school with a firm lead over their peers. At Noah Webster Schools, we believe in a quality education that uses technology paired with tried and true teaching methods to help your child gain the best education possible.

Our curriculum is aligned with and goes beyond the Arizona State Standards. Through digital programs, teachers not only have access to the hardcopy textbooks in their classrooms, but also to other engaging curriculum and resources, providing our teachers with easy access to the finest instructional materials available! With a few simple taps of the teacher’s finger, the library of material and lessons they have in their classroom grows considerably, allowing the curriculum and subject matter to be customized throughout the school year.

Classrooms are grouped based on ability, allowing teachers to adjust the learning pace for each group and provide more individualized attention, therefore boosting the confidence and determination of students as they realize their individual progress. Teachers use benchmark data obtained at set intervals throughout the year to make data driven decisions for planning whole class, small group, and individual learning and instruction.

Each classroom has an interactive display and document camera allowing teachers to actively engage all students. At our Mesa campus, each student, third through sixth grade, has a laptop assigned to them for use throughout the school year. Kindergarten through second grade students have scheduled laptop computer time during school hours. At our Pima campus, each student, first through sixth grade, has a laptop or tablet assigned to them for use throughout the school year.  Kindergarten rooms have tablets in the room for small group learning.

Noah Webster uses Moby Max which is a computer based program where students take an initial placement assessment that will help determine a student’s specific learning needs.  The program is adaptive and can be used to provide additional learning of concepts and also accelerate students who are ready to move on to more advanced concepts.

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An excerpt from a 6th grade alumni to his 6th grade teacher:

“I just wanted to thank you for pushing me and my classmates as hard as you did. I recently took a math test to determine whether or not I should be placed in an advanced seventh grade class. Just yesterday, the results were received, my work was dubbed exceptional and they wish to place me in a freshman algebra class in high school! Of course I wasn’t the only one to do so, but one of the few. Thank you so much for everything, you will never be forgotten.”

Brady W.

On the first day of school, while I was walking down the hall, I was kind of nervous because it was a new school. But when I walked in the classroom, I recognized some people I already knew, and that made me feel a bit better.

I have learned so many things this year, such as integers, Ancient Greece, and oxymorons. I have also learned things that will help me be a better person. I learned that respect is one of the most important qualities to have in life. My teacher is wonderful. She has empathy (most of the time) for us. She knows what it’s like to be in different kinds of situations, she knows how to cheer someone up, or make them feel regretful (when we misbehave). She understands our problems and gives us advice on how to solve them, whether it’s from personal problems to math or reading problems.

We went on a lot of field trips this year. My favorite one was the Water Day field trip at the Mesa Campus! We got to go on different water slides. I had so much fun sliding down the 40 foot tall Rhino slide and high-fiving everyone when I reached the bottom!

Everyday has been a different day, which I enjoy. I will always remember my experience in 6th grade here at Noah Webster Schools.

Annika T.

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much we appreciate Noah Webster School. Our daughter is in Miss Tice’s Kindergarten class and talk about one amazing teacher! I never could have expected to have such a warm, energetic and compassionate teacher for our daughter. She puts so much energy and time into each day of learning, and my daughter literally cries if she is sick and cannot go to school. We look forward to our school adventure with Noah Webster. You all are a blessing to our family.

Rebecca E.

Our son was in Kindergarten this year and he loved it and loved the teacher & assistant teacher. He learned so much through the school year. I am very pleased to have started him at this school. To end this great school year with such a fun water day he so much enjoyed and talked about the whole day.

Catherine N.

I’ve made so many memories this year and I will always remember them. The best memory I have is just coming to Noah Webster Schools; knowing that I really enjoy going to school and not complaining about it in the morning. We had a lot of field trips and they were all amazing! This is the best school I’ve ever been too! I’ve learned so much more than at any other school.

The students here are all friends; there isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel welcomed. Everyone is nice to each other and treats each other the same. No one is different. The teachers are amazing and I just have to say “Thank You” to my teacher as she’s helped me out a lot and I know she will keep doing so.

This year was amazing and I will never forget it!

Chloe J.

I am very impressed with my daughter’s improvement with all her academics and challenges of different schoolwork. I’ve seen an enormous difference in her and it has inspired her to love school. Thank you!

Grace M.

Our daughter absolutely loves that she gets to use a laptop in class. We’re amazed at how quickly she is learning.

Shelly C.

Thank you to the staff at Noah Webster for making my child feel so comfortable. Starting school mid-year is never easy but he has really come out of his shell this year.

Brandon C.

My son attends Noah Webster and loves school. He’s always so excited when he gets home and ready to share what he’s learned each day.

Sara M.