Part one of a series on creativity in the classroom explores why some charter schools may be on the forefront of education and innovation.  You help your children achieve a lot, and one way that you do that is subtle and powerful at the same time is to encourage creativity, as well as creative play. How?  Well part of it is based on the learning environment that your children are immersed in.

Can Creativity Be Taught in a Charter School?

Can creativity be taught?  Is there some rubric that a charter school uses to measure creativity?  First off, an important distinction to make is that you do not learn to be creative.  You become creative when encouraged or shaped to be so. Most education that children receive is not designed to encourage creativity.

School is usually meant to teach children skills that they will need to function in society, as well as exposure to social norms and mores that will allow them to fit in properly. Creativity isn’t taught as such, it is nurtured and developed, and it is very important that creativity is encouraged in children.  A good charter school will help your children grow creatively.   Why?  Well, as skills go, creativity and imagination are skills that will let them live a life that is exciting and will make them valuable members of society.

Creativity in Children and Your Charter School in Mesa

The 21st century, like all centuries, will have both triumphs and tragedies, as well as challenges on a global scale.   The children that are five or six years old now will be reaching adulthood in little more than a decade.  As to why creativity matters is that children will learn to solve problems, and view challenges as exciting.

This energy will help them to innovate and to solve problems proactively.  Charter schools that exceed the minimum standards set by the state of Arizona will be the place where children’s creativity will grow rapidly.

Next, we will discuss how Internet-enabled classrooms work as an effective tool to help foster creativity in children.  And believe us, such classrooms do matter.

Why Should Internet Enabled Classrooms Differentiate Schools?

The World Wide Web is one of the most important components of the Internet.  Information is available on a global scale that was never present before, and entire libraries have been digitized and put online.  That’s why you want your children enrolled in an Internet enabled classroom.

Today’s kids are different.  It is very likely that they already have more familiarity with the Internet than you do, but in case they don’t, they have to have it in order to prosper.  Less than a generation ago, all someone needed to look for work was a high school diploma or GED, and computer skills, while helpful weren’t necessary.  Well, welcome to the 21st Century.  Most employers nowadays require some college, specialized skills,and above all else computer AND Internet skills.  The world has changed, and so has the modern classroom.  Charter schools are no exception to this change.

Charter Schools in Mesa:  There is a Difference

Some elementary schools and charter schools in Mesa are behind the curve.  As technology has changed, some schools stubbornly refuse to upgrade their facilities, and operate based on principles from the 19th Century, not even the 20th. As a result, their students are going into the world with a big disadvantage.

You always want the better of two choices, both for yourself and for your children.  We live in a technological society.  You want your children to be capable of navigating it.  And one of the best ways?  Enroll them in a charter school that has Internet enabled classrooms and watch their creativity blossom.

As the conclusion to this article, we will express our final thoughts on why a charter school may be a good environment to foster it.

Charter School: Why Creativity Matters

When people think of creativity, particularly where children are concerned, they think of it in terms of art.  Some modeling clay, maybe some crayons or acrylic paint, and voila, there’s creativity at work.  While this is a part of creativity in a charter school, or any school for that matter, it isn’t all of it.  Why?  Well, we use creativity every day of our lives, and in some surprising ways.

True creativity is a form of communication.  If we can express our feelings, and other people understand them, we experience happiness, which in turn leads to more creativity.  The same holds true with children.  As people we use creativity and express feelings more deeply.  Creativity helps to foster language skills, socialization, other skills that are invaluable throughout life and are learned in kindergarten and elementary school.

How Creativity Changes the Brain

When a child’s creativity is stimulated, it causes their brains to develop.  From birth until about 7 years children are sponges, learning so much and so quickly.  When one center of brain cells is stimulated, it in turn stimulates other centers as well.  Childhood development occurs rapidly, so you want to help it along, particularly in the area of cerebral development.

So, as you see, there is more to creativity than just some finger paints.  It is a big boost for your child’s development, including the development of their personality.  And remember, the right environment makes all the difference, such as a charter school that exceeds state standards.

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